Optizen Nano Q

Features Slope algorithm (No blank), Free pathlength
Sample monitoring (Equipped with a built-in camera)
Automatic sample cover
Android app. (Bluetooth comm.)
Range 260nm, 280nm + 360nm(for baseline) included
+ 600nm(cell counting) included
Minimum sample volume 0.5μl
Light source(s) LED (Energy-efficient)
Detector type Silicon photodiode (UV~VIS range)
Absorbance range 0 – 150 Abs
Detection limit About 4 ng/μl (dsDNA)
Maximum concentration 7,500 ng/μl (dsDNA)
Measurement reproducibility About 3% at 1000 ng/μl
Minimum measurement time < 5 Seconds
Measurement cycle time < 10 Seconds
Sample pedestal material of construction 303 Stainless steel and quartz fiber (Easy to clean)
Spectral resolution Typ. 12.0nm
Operating voltage 12VDC
Software compatibility Embedded S/W (Built-in) / Android app (Provided)
Dimension(mm) 148(W) x 179(D) x 110(H)mm
Weight 1.5kg