Nutri Scan GI20

NutriScan is an automated in vitro digestion system designed to measure the amount of glucose that is released during the enzymatic breakdown of foods. The objective is to predict the GI, i.e., Glycaemic Index, and the RS, i.e., Resistant Starch, that would be determined by the standard in vivo methodology.

NutriScan does not measure GI, but emulates the breakdown of food in the human gut and provides a measurement that correlates strongly with the in vivo methodology. NutriScan has been developed by CSIRO, Division of Human Nutrition, Adelaide, South Australia. CSIRO designed and fabricated a prototype GI Analyser and a prototype of a RS Analyser, i.e., Resistant Starch. These instruments have been used to test a broad range of foods and to validate the strong correlation between these prototypes and the in vivo methodologies.