Multi Scan Series 1000

The Series 1000 Analysers are a range of Near Infrared Transmission analysers designed for specific end user applications, i.e., Alcohol Analyser, Moisture Analyser and Fat and Moisture Analyser. The S1000 Analysers scan from 820 to 980nm using a diode array spectrometer but with different sampling systems to suit different applications.

The S1000 Alcohol Analyser uses a flow through cell and a peristaltic pump to fill and empty samples of wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. The S1000 Moisture Analyser uses a 5mm thick powder cell for measuring moisture in homogeneous samples such as ground grains, flour, chemicals, powders etc. The S1000 Fat and Moisture Analyser also uses the 5mm thick powder cell but measures two components simultaneously.

The Series 1000 Analysers are simple to operate and include an Auto-calibration function. NTAS software is available for calibration development.