Media Preparators


Media preparation capacity From 2,5L to 30L
Sterilization temperature 95°C to 125°C
Sterilization time 1 to 99min
Distribution temperature 30°C to 80°C
Temperature precision + 1°C
Remaining volume <130ml
Addition cap Yes. For blood and antibiotics addition
Country of origin France
Traceability (optional) Incorporated E-TRACE module (4 USB ports / 1 Ethernet port / WIFI)
Temperature probing 2 x PT100 probes
Pressure monitoring 2 monitors
Safety pressure release Safety valve
Dispensing port Adapters for 12mm and 6,4mm dispensing tubing
Continuous homogenization Large smooth stirrer (1807 cm²) for higher homogeneity. Slow stirring (9 ajustable speeds 20 – 110 rpm) to avoid bubbling
Display 7’’ touch screen LCD 800×420 pixels
Alarms Visual (multicolour) & audible
Cleaning Trapdoor, easy cleaning of the bowl
Easily transportable 4 large medical wheels
Robustness Antishock body (ABS PC PLASTICS)
Stored programs 50
Control panel LCD touch screen
Traceability CSV file through USB port
High mobility / stability 4 large lockable wheels
W x H x D 585 x 1053 x 735 mm
Electrical supply 400V – 50-60Hz – 16A or 230V – 50-60Hz – 22A (by phase)
Heating power 9000 W